spelers_01Several pro players train at the Wilson Tennis Academy Genk like for example Joran Vliegen and Sander Gillé. On the other hand, there is a player who’s trained at WTAG and is now training in Wilrijk (at Tennis Vlaanderen): Tibo Colson.

At this moment we’ve selected nine players for the Young Development Team in combination with the F-status: Briek Thijssen, Henri Lammertyn, Noah Martens, Alexander Gilissen, Victoria Kalaitzis, Cloë Ruette, Pierre-Yves Bailly, Brecht Hermans en Ling Wagemans. We’ve selected nine players for the Kids Development Team: Ferre Grosemans, Katerina Kujovic, Tibo Meermans, Bernard Hulsbosch, Niels Champagne, Gilles-Arnaud Bailly, Yana Meermans, Hanne Vandewinkel.

In addition we have several very talented players who are not supported by the federation at this moment, but still play at a high level. In recent years, we’ve had several Limburgish, Flemish and Belgian champions at WTAG.


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